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Solar Tracker Safeguards

Protect your solar tracker investment from Ontario's harsh weather conditions

To ensure the security of your solar tracker system and protect your investment, several extensive features were developed:

Lightning Protection

The solar tracker system is equipped with extensive lightning protection. Lightning rods are mounted directly on the solar tracker module support structure. Lightning grounding cables bypass the bearings and drive units and are grounded on multiple ground rods at the solar tracker's foundation.

Class 2 Surge Protection

The surge protection panel protects your solar tracker system from electrical surges caused by lightning and other electrical faults. Every surge protector is actively monitored to ensure that it will function when needed. If one of the solar tracker surge protectors needs replacing, the plug-in module can easily be replaced without the use of tools.

Storm Control and Wind Sensor

In order to protect the solar tracker structure from high wind conditions, a wind protection system monitors the wind speed and moves the tracker to the horizontal position as required. The wind protection system consists of a wind sensor and a control unit. The sensor supplies continuous wind speed measurement and the controller evaluates this data and ensures that the solar tracker system moves into the horizontal position when the wind speed exceeds 46 km/h. In addition, the controller conducts self-diagnostics and positions the solar tracker system so that it is secure even in a case of malfunction.

The wind sensor includes an integrated heater to ensure continued functionality of the solar tracker even in freezing temperatures.

Emergency-Power Supply

An integrated battery system provides backup power to the solar tracker control system to ensure that the system drives into the horizontal position when the wind protection system requires it. The battery backup is essential for instances when the power to the solar tracker control system fails due to tree branches on power lines, lightning strikes, high winds and other conditions that can cause a power outage on the power grid. Battery voltage monitoring ensures that the solar tracker moves to the horizontal position before the battery charge falls too low.

Overdrive Control

During a storm, it is essential for the solar tracker system to assume the horizontal position as soon as possible. This reduces the wind load on the structural components. Therefore, all security-related movements are operated in the “Overdrive-Mode”. In this operation mode, the elevation drive moves at double its normal speed to the horizontal position.

Storm Stabilizers

PV systems are exposed to very large forces during a storm. In order to avoid possible damage, the solar tracker system is equipped with additional stabilizers. These ensure that the solar tracker module surface is stable during a storm and the impact of any wind turbulence is dampened.

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