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Resubmitting your microFIT application

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Released July 8th, 2010

During the OPA information session Tuesday July 6th, the OPA indicated that individuals are already accepting the proposed lower rate of 58.8 cent/kWh by resubmitting their applications as ground mount. We had anticipated that the OPA would interpret the resubmission of applications as an acceptance of the new rate, hence our earlier recommendation to wait. Unfortunately, the OPA also indicated during the information session that "the quicker you reply, the quicker you will be approved". We have contacted the OPA for clarification of this statement and the response that we received is that the OPA will pre-process the resubmitted ground mount applications during the 30 day consultation period. This will mean that some conditional offers can be ready to be released at whatever rate is decided, when the 30 day consultation period has passed. Based on this new information, we are making the following recommendations:

"I have resubmitted my microFIT application because I want to maintain my position in the application queue for a PV ground mount tracking system. My resubmission of this application does not imply in any way that I accept the proposed rate change of 58.8 cents / kWh. I will determine after I receive my conditional offer whether to proceed or not. I insist that the OPA do the honorable thing and grandfather all applications that were originally submitted prior to July 2 at the original rate of 80.2 cents / kWh."

In the mean time, feel free to express your concerns to the following people and/or organizations:

You can also participate or listen in to the public consultation sessions that the OPA is holding on July 6 and July 8.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our toll free number at 1 866 56SOLAR or submit a question to solar@powerhouse.ca

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