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Deadline For Resubmission

For assistance, please do not hesiate to contact us.

Released September 1st, 2010

By now you should have received an email from the OPA reminding you of the upcoming deadline to resubmit your microFIT application to obtain the original price of 80.2 cents.

Please ensure that you have resubmitted your application using the following procedure. It you have not already resubmitted your application, please use the following procedure to do so, or contact Powerhouse Solar for assistance.

In order to receive a conditional offer you must go back to the microFIT website and resubmit your application by September 7th or your original application will be discarded.

If you have more than one proposed project you may be required to obtain a PIN (property identification number) from your land tax office in your area. The charge to obtain your PIN number is approximately $ 8.00. OPA will send you an email requesting this number if necessary however if you only have one project or if your projects are completely separate, you should not have any problem

We will be pleased to assist you in any way to ensure that you receive your conditional offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you have any concerns regarding this important requirement.

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